Church Planting

Mission efforts had begun in India in the first century itself, but the urban areas were focused on first. Hence, villagers were always a neglected group in evangelization. Inadequate living conditions, such as lack of roads, water supply, electricity, hospitals, and schools have been the major reasons for this negligence by missionaries.

  • EGM believes that evangelization of the villages is the key for the expansion of God’s kingdom in India. In order to accomplish this task, EGM’s church planting division, IGC is actively involved in pioneer mission endeavors.
  • EGM’s Native Missionary Training program assists in equipping native missionaries to reach hundreds of villages with the message of the cross. Souls are being added in to the churches everyday.

In villages, people are worshipping the Lord typically under tree shades. The reason behind this is due to the lack of space to accommodate the congregation in small village houses. Construction of several prayer sheds is a pressing need currently. A typical prayer shed in one of the villages in the state of Madhya Pradesh is shown below. Total cost involved was just $ 5000. If you help us to construct one such prayer shed for an Indian village congregation with your generous support?