Web Child Sponsorship

Web Children Sponsorship

For the last 40 years, our EIM has consistently provided nutrition, clothing, hygiene, and education for children through its child development centers. Currently, we have approximately 3500 children enrolled in our centers. Each child is brought in by neighboring villages in it's allotted region. They will first be registered and documented as a student, their picture will be taken and
a profile will be developed, they then proceed to attend daily activities at the Child Development Center (CDC). A typical day lasts from 3 PM-7PM in order to encompass tuition work, assembly time, our four curriculums games and activities, activities, and to distribute meals.

These are the four curriculums implemented at the CDC:



Many of the schools in these areas neither provides adequate education nor are they equipped with enough government funding to cater to the vast amount of children in the area. This curriculum includes a number of school subjects, giving each child quality education that will better prepare them for their futures.


The children are instructed on how to take care of their health and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as the importance of hygiene and how to attain clean water. We will at times provide them with the proper resources in order for them to do so.


We help children develop common mannerisms and etiquettes that they are not taught in their villages. This is especially important for adulthood where many jobs will pay close attention to their ability to interact with clients properly. We work to ensure that the kids are able to mature with the right tools to achieve success for their futures.


The kids are taught about the Christian faith and permitted to ask questions about their spirituality. The CDC does not require that the child entering be Christian, nor do they force upon the children the Christian faith. The kids are free to accept Christ if they choose to do so.
At the end of each day, the kids are then provided with an opportunity to play games, activities and sports with the other children at the center. Lastly, they are given a meal to eat and snacks to bring home. Our programs are designed to produce quality as each child is tended to and individualistically cared for. After a child has completed the basic curriculums, they are given the opportunity to
take further classes on computer skills or tailoring skills; just a few options for a career path to help them take steps towards supporting themselves.
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